Production of high-end jewelry replica watches

Bulgari is a famous Italian jeweler and the third largest jewelry brand in the world. Of course, it also produces high-end jewelry watches. Its snake-shaped watch is undoubtedly the brand's most iconic watch. The novel and special design is unforgettable. It is not only a watch, but also a bracelet, and even more luxurious jewelry, but did you know that this peculiar shape was designed with inspiration from a gas pipe?

The prototype of the Bulgari snake replica watches first appeared in the late 1940s. The original case was basically square or rectangular. Later watchmakers slowly explored more different shapes of watch cases and dials, including round, octagonal, and pear-shaped. At that time, Bulgari did not have its own movement, and like Cartier, Tiffany and other jewelers, it also sought professional watchmakers to cooperate, so you may find that there are both Vacheron Constantin and Vacheron Constantin in some old Bulgari watches. The logo of Bulgari.

In the 1960s, Bulgari watches slowly evolved into a snake style. The strap of this snake-shaped watch is woven from sheet metal. In the jewelry industry, flexible hoses without welding are usually called gas pipes. This process requires a long time of professional processing. When manufacturing, a wooden or copper rod is used as the core, and two long strips are used. The gold piece is wrapped tightly around the core. The strap is completely wrapped and can be firmly fitted together without solder joints. Then, the core is corroded and removed with a special solution, leaving the outer strap. Has amazing flexibility.

In traditional thinking, the price of gold replica watches ukis usually much higher than that of steel watches, but for Bulgari's snake-shaped watches, because stainless steel is harder and less ductile than gold, steel snakes The difficulty of making is far greater than that of gold snakes, so steel snakes were once more expensive than gold snakes!