The problem of watch inaccuracy generally refers to mechanical replica watches

This is a problem that many watch friends often appear unconsciously, especially some friends who wear self-winding movement watches. They think that as long as they wear them every day, the watch will automatically wind. They doní»t know if their exercise volume is not large enough. For example, when you go out, you take the car, the elevator when you go to work, and you sit when you go home. In fact, you don't have much exercise in a day, or when you really go to exercise, it is best not to wear replica watches, so there are not many chances to wind up.

Such a life state may be commonplace for many people, but it is also an important reason for the inaccuracy of automatic winding watches due to insufficient winding. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to manually wind the watch like a manual winding watch, so as to ensure that the watch is more accurate.

This reason mainly refers to the damage to the movement caused by the incorrect way people wear the watch (mainly refers to when or where it can be worn and when or where it cannot be worn), which causes inaccurate travel time. Because mechanical watches are precision instruments, they themselves are more "squeaky", so the "three proofs" (waterproof, antimagnetic, and shockproof) are especially important.

However, some friends often do strenuous exercises when wearing watches, or think that the watches are very strong and waterproof, so they wear the watches to bathe, swim, etc. Also, because of the electronic society now, the watches are easily exposed to some electronic devices with high radiation. Or electrical equipment, etc., so the above factors are combined. Because we do not pay attention or care, some serious challenges to the "three defenses" will sooner or later cause certain damage to the movement, which affects the accuracy of the watch.

As mentioned above, a watch is a precision instrument, and the internal mechanical structure is very meticulous and delicate. As a wearer, because of personal habits and negligence, we will not replcia Rolex always meet all the wearing requirements in a satisfactory manner, and even if it has been in a satisfactory manner. Fully meet the wearing requirements, the watch will also cause some problems due to long-term operation, such as whether the screws are loose, whether the oil is insufficient, etc., so mechanical watches are sometimes just like cars, which require regular maintenance to discover and solve problems in time .